History of Jeep

Decades of Adventure with Jeeps

1940 – 1950

Born in the heat of battle, the Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything® Jeep® 4×4 emerged a hero to thousands of Allied soldiers around the world. The equally heroic civilian Jeep vehicles of the 1940s firmly established the Jeep brand as the undisputed leader in 4×4 technology.

1950 – 1960

The 1950s saw the rise of the recreation vehicle, as well as engineering superiority. Grass-roots enthusiasts helped launch Jeep® Jamborees and took the original freedom machine to new heights in sales thanks to seven unique models.

1960 – 1970

The All-New Jeep® Wagoneer represented unparalleled refinement and innovation. Prestige and individuality ruled the day. The Jeep brand line-up grew to include 14 models – for work, play, recreation and luxuriously
capable transportation.

1970 – 1980

The Jeep® brand’s 4×4 leadership continued in the 70’s with the introduction of the first full-time 4×4 system. The sporty 2-door full-size Cherokee (SJ) swept the 4WD of the Year awards. Six models helped elevate sales to
all-time highs.